Cokin’s Corner, Monday 5/1/17

  • May 1, 2017

I’m frequently amused listening to discussions among fans as to whether a professional in a particular sport should be considered an athlete.

The one that is almost hilarious to me is auto racing. Here’s a breakdown of the conditions for the drivers in Sunday’s NASCAR event.

Each driver had to cover hundreds of miles at top speed, in bumper to bumper traffic, and with what amounts to no breaks throughout the entire race. He also had to do so with the temperature in his car at right around 140 degrees, while also wearing quite a bit of equipment for obvious safety reasons.

There are all types of athletes. If you don’t think a NASCAR driver qualifies, I think you’re daffy. I’m not suggesting that the pro race car driver can step on a football field and score a touchdown, nor can he show up at an NBA game and slam dunk on LeBron James.

But I’d also bet my bottom dollar that you can take anyone you want from any of the other major sports, put him in a race car with the aforementioned conditions, and see if he could complete 10 miles without wrecking or simply saying to hell with it.

In my book, these drivers are not only athletes, they’re damn good ones at that.

Nice ending to April with a 3-1 MLB Sunday. The new offer is now up, and good luck finding one set up like this one. The deal is for 31 days (the offer will be in effect the entire month of May) and the cost is $500. The guarantee is a minimum net profit of 5 units during the the 31 days. Anything less, and the $500 gets refunded plus June will be on the house.

While the guarantee only covers my baseball action, all my other plays will be included as well as the daily Pros vs. Joes rundown. Just choose “May Guaranteed Special” from the menu and you’ll be good to go. Selections are emailed (usually with analysis) as I play them myself, and note that the vast majority of my plays will be one unit each.

Monday’s free play is on the Game One battle between the Raptors and Cavaliers.


Take: CAVALIERS -6.5

I can see where a case can be made to back Toronto plus the points in tonight’s series opener. While the Cavs won three of the four regular season meetings, those victories were each by small margins (four, four and three points, respectively). It’s clear that the Raptors were able to compete with the Cavs in that quartet of games.

It’s also worth noting that while the Cavaliers dispatched Indiana in four straight to open their championship defense, all four games were tight. Cleveland wins were by four, five, six and one in descending order.

Those sets of numbers suggest the line on this opening game might be a bit on the high side. But my thoughts are that this is where the Cavs begin to ramp things up. Last season is a long time ago, but let’s remember that Cleveland absolutely crushed this opponent in its three home games in the May 2016 hookups. I’m not saying the Cavaliers will win by those massive margins, but I am of the belief they will control this series and win it fairly convincingly.

I’ll look for that trend toward domination to begin tonight, and I’ll play the Cavaliers minus the points.