Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/12/17

  • June 11, 2017

Rack it. The Pittsburgh Penguins are NHL Stanley Cup champs for the second straight season. But I can’t blame Nashville fans for having a bad taste in their collective mouths right now.

Simply stated, the Predators should have been ahead 1-0 in this game but a quick whistle denied them that crucial second period score. There isn’t any question the goal was good and the whistle shouldn’t have been blown.

Unfortunately, the referee lost sight of the puck, thought the Penguins goalie has possession and stopped play. That’s what the official is supposed to do when he loses sight of the puck. The rule is the rule.

So it was a terrible break for the Predators and needless to say it had a big impact on Game Six. But let’s also point out that the Preds had four powers plays to none for Pittsburgh, including a 5-on-3 for about half a minute and they didn’t take advantage.

I had the Penguins to win the series, so perhaps I’m not as upset as I might be if I had been pulling for the Predators. But the bottom line is that the Pens won four games, and they’re hoisting the Cup once again.

Next up, it’s the debut of the Vegas Golden Knights as my city’s first major league sports franchise begins play. So yeah, this season just concluded but I can’t wait for the next one to begin!

The series win by Pittsburgh got me into the black for a small Sunday profit. The baseball plays went 3-4, but they were all dog wagers and were also just a half unit each. So altogether about +0.8 for the day. Hardly anything to shout about, and I had a lousy week. I’m obviously determined to right that ship this week.

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The Twins-Giants Under, Sunday’s free baseball play, looked great until the game started. All downhill from there. Here’s the Monday free play. Nite that I would suggest splitting a F5/9 ticket here, but as first half lines aren’t widely available till the morning, the free play all be graded as full game only.

RANGERS (Darvish) at ASTROS (Musgrove)

Take: RANGERS +115

Hey, the Astros are human after all. They’re actually a little off their game right now, as they didn’t play particularly well at Kansas City and lost a home series to the Angels.

Texas righty Yu Darvish has not been as dominant as perhaps expected, but he looks like he’s getting close and might be ready to get on a run. I thought Darvish looked really good in his most recent start, and I’m going to bank on that as a buy sign.

Darvish will be opposed by Joe Musgrove, who is fresh off a DL stint. He had his best game of the season to date just prior to going down. But I’m always a little leery of guys with even minor shoulder issues, and I would think his pitch count will be monitored here. Note that Musgrove generally doesn’t go that deep anyway, with the 102 pitches just prior to the DL stint his highest of the season.

Sweep revenge for Texas here as they got cleaned at home by the Astros in the last set between these two. I’ll be on the Texas side in this game.