Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/19/17

  • June 18, 2017

No one will know the true winner of the big pre-draft NBA deal between the Celtics and 76ers for some time. But it’s fun to speculate on who will come out on top.

The general consensus is that there isn’t that much separation between the top four projected picks in this year’s draft class. If that turns out to be an accurate assessment, this will end up being a good deal for Boston. They’ll get a player they feel is right at the same level as the guy they would have chosen at #1, and they’ll also have scored two more top round picks down the road.

Thus, if the draft gurus and high hoop IQ types are on the money, this was a no brainer for the Celtics and another dumb move by the downtrodden 76ers.

Here’s my take. I really like Markelle Fultz. I think he’s clearly the best potential player in this year’s draft and I see him being a big star at the next level. He was outstanding at Washington in his freshman season, in spite of nagging knee issues, what I would call terrible coaching and not much in the way of a supporting cast.

I am at least a casual Celtics fan. Nowhere near the level when I was a kid growing up in New England and watching Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Red Auerbach et all raise the championship banner virtually every year to be sure. But I still root for the Celts, and I very much liked the idea of Fultz in a Boston uniform.

I would not have made this deal. But I’ve been wrong plenty of time before and might very well be off base here. Time will tell.
I missed on my US Open picks, but that cost me only one betting unit overall. Sunday baseball was a wash, with a split on my two sides and a .500 result on the weather Overs I played. No harm done, and even with the Friday debacle, it was a decent week overall thanks to a monster win on Monday night.

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Sunday’s free play did not make my card because of the huge line jump on the Diamondbacks. Nice extra inning win for those who played it regardless. I’ll go the home chalk route for the Monday comp.

TIGERS at MARINERS (Sanchez vs. Gaviglio)

Take: MARINERS -`135

I’m going to play against Anibal Sanchez in this game. The veteran righty has been recalled from Toledo, where he has worked on tweaking a few things in hopes of working his way back to a big league rotation spot.

Sanchez did pretty well at AAA, but the fastball was still in the 91 neighborhood, touching 93. So Sanchez is going to have to be spot on in locating his changeup and I’m just going to have get shown he can still get major league hitters out. He sure didn’t early this season, and he’s not exactly facing a soft Seattle lineup here.

Sam Gaviglio will throw for the Mariners. Gaviglio is a finesse righty who projects as a back end guy. But like many rookie pitchers, he’s enjoying a nice first trip around the league against hitters who’ve never seen him. Gaviglio has been very effective at Safeco, and the team keeps winning when he takes the mound.

The Mariners got a needed Sunday win at Texas, and now get back home where they’ve played pretty well for the most part. The same cannot be said for the Tigers on the road. Not as cheap as I’d like, but at 7:5 or better, I see the Mariners being worth a play tonight.