Cokin’s Corner, Monday 6/5/17

  • June 4, 2017

Short blog this time, as I’ll be unavailable Sunday evening. So just a quick recap, a fast promo and Monday’s free play.

Sunday was good. 3-0 on the diamond, with a net profit of about +3.3 at good numbers. Half unit loser appears a virtual certainty on my Cavs-Warriors Under, but no beefs as I won a full unit playing that way in Game One.

The “Summer Special” is on the table right now. Simple package. You get everything I play for a full two months at the regular one-month rate. I’m never actually satisfied, but I’m at least relatively pleased with the way things are progressing, so take advantage of the offer and join me. For more info, email me directly at

Good job by the Rockies as the Sunday free play winner, though they made things tougher than they could have been by whiffing on a couple of big scoring opportunities against the Padres. Nevertheless, a right result and it’s on to Monday.

PHILLIES at BRAVES (Pivetta-Colon)

Take: OVER 10

Short and sweet. This would appear to be a likely shootout. The ballpark is extremely hitter friendly, and so are the two pitchers.

Pivetta has dominated at AAA, but at that level his mainly two-pitch arsenal can do so. Not so much in the majors and Pivetta has also been less in command of his stuff at the top level.

Colon has been really awful in most of his recent starts, and I think there’s some substance to the thought he’s finally at the end of the line.

So the Phillies-Braves Over looks live to me, and I’ll play it that way. Note this will be a half unit selection for me as I will also be playing the side in this game.