Cokin’s Corner, Monday 7/30/18

  • July 29, 2018

I’m certainly glad there was no such thing as Twitter when I was a teenager. I can state with almost 100% certainty that I’d have tweeted more than my share of comments that might now be construed as offensive. You see, I was a pretty typical high school kid. In other words, I did and said things on a petty regular basis that displayed my immaturity.

I don’t have to apologize for anything I said in the past, because there’s no documentation available. I have no specific recollection of anything offensive that I voiced, but I’m very confident there were ¬†more than just a few nasty comments that I would never even consider making today.

I also would never apologize for acting what was my age at the time. 16 year old boys say and do dumb stuff. Kids might grow faster physically now than they did in the past. The emotional growth level hasn’t changed. I can’t speak for girls, because for me a female perspective is impossible. But guys at that age are works in progress, to put it diplomatically.

That brings me to Sean Newcomb. The Braves lefty came within one out of a no-hitter against the Dodgers on Sunday. But the discussion on Twitter following the game regarded a series of “offensive” tweets where Newcomb used a term that is frowned upon as being offensive.

I really don’t care about what Newcomb tweeted aa a high schooler. He was a kid, now he’s not. The chances Newcomb would even consider using the same derogatory term now is likely very remote. That’s because the kid is now a man and adults usually think far more maturely than they did as teenagers.

But go ahead and have it, holier than thous. If that makes you feel high and mighty because you’ve forgotten some of the dumb shit you said and did when you were in high school, have yourselves a blast. I’ll pass.

Horrible weekend on the diamond, mostly thanks to the series between the Blue Jays and White Sox. I was up 5-1 with the Jays on Saturday and watched the White Sox go on an 8-0 rampage in their last two innings. n Sunday, I had Under 9.5. 3-2 game heading to the ninth. Loser. Not much else to say.

NFLx gets started this week with the Hall of Fame game, which I’ll be avoiding. But football season is here, so it’s a great time to grab one of my season packages, available on the Cokin’s Picks menu to the right of the page. For more detailed info, email me at

Free play for Monday is a Total.


Take: OVER

Battle of lefties tonight at Chase as the Diamondbacks return home to face the Rangers. Mediocre Martin Perez will throw for Texas while Robbie Ray takes the mound for Arizona.

Perez is hittable regardless of where he pitches. Ray is again performing at a much higher level on the road as opposed to before the partisan fans.

There’s no formula in play here, no calculations. Now that Pollck is healthy and Escobar has arrived via trade, this ‘Zona lineup has the appearance of one that is going to be able to do some damage against fringy southpaws. Asa for Ray, he’s always capable of a shutdown performance. But he’s also prone to bouts of wildness and free passes can add up to big opposition innings.

I like the prospect of plenty of scoring tonight and I’ll therefore recommend the Over between the Rangers and Diamondbacks.