Cokin’s Corner, Monday 8/21/17

  • August 21, 2017

My focus right now is mostly on college football. I’m spending plenty of hours each day gathering as much info as I can on as many teams as I can. I like to particularly dig in on the non-marquee teams from the smaller FBS conferences. I’ve long been of the belief that less publicized info is the most valuable type. The aim is obviously to uncover some good stuff that might garner me an edge in one of these early games.

Keeping that in mind, I likely won’t be offering much for the next several days in terms of commentary. By the way, I don’t consider what I’m doing with the college research to be work. I guess it is, but it’s a process I enjoy, so it doesn’t fall into the arduous task for me.

As far as selections go, I’m now on four college games and I’m guessing I’ll be adding a couple or few more between now and the various game days. I’ll be sure to get one of those posted here as a free play.

The personal service includes every play I make in football, be it college, the NFL, or the CFL. There are no surprise extras that cost additional funds. Sign up for the season at a nicely reduced rate by utilizing the “Cokin’s Picks” tab on the right of the page. If you’d like more elaborate details as to what I offer, just shoot me an email at

I’m passing on any extensive analysis for the Monday free play. It’s off an angle I’ve been using most of the season, and as it just keeps working, no reason I can see to suddenly jump away. It’s a mini-chase system, based on series sweep revenge, and there are a couple of qualifying teams on Monday. The good news is I’ll get to grab a nice price with this one. Here’s the play.

DIAMONDBACKS (Walker) at METS (Gsellman)

Take: METS +120

Good luck!