Cokin’s Corner, Monday 8/7/17

  • August 6, 2017

There’s apparently no end in sight. It’s tough for me to put into words how much I dislike the fact that as a society, we have become so overwhelmingly hung up on imagery and words, rather than actual actions. I won’t use the precise wording to express my sentiments, so I’ll go with messed up as the operative phrase, rather than the one that’s more accurate.

As it pertains to sports, the latest news comes from the absolute king of imagery, the National Football League. The league has decided to finally relax their rules on celebrations.

Personally, these choreographed deals have always struck me as self-serving and kind of stupid. But I also realize I’m an older gent, and my concept of acting like a pro is not the same as what younger generations believe it to be. Either way, no big deal from where I sit.

What does bother me is the fact the NFL is evidently going to arbitrarily decide what’s acceptable and what is still an offense that warrants a penalty and subsequent fine. Case in point, the Josh Norman bow and arrow celebration. The NFL is maintaining that’s verboten, and they have informed Norman of this ruling.

That bothers Josh Norman, and it bothers me as well. That’s because, you see, Norman is not actually shooting an arrow into the air. It’s make believe. No one in the stands, on the field, or watching on whatever device they choose will be physically injured. As for mental damage that might be inflicted on someone, I just don’t see where there’s any.

Apparently, the NFL’s stance is that it’s a violent image and they simply cannot tolerate that. Just my two cents, but that’s absurd to me. I’m not opposed to outlawing graphic demonstrations that many people would obviously find offensive. But Norman’s bow and arrow doesn’t fall into that classification. This is imagery policing gone stark raving mad in my view. Welcome to 2017, I guess.

My opening week of August baseball was not good. I’m a lot happier with the football, thanks to the CFL, as well as what appears to be some really terrific value on the NFL stuff I’ve already sent out.

This will be the final week of the early signup rate availability. That $999 full season rate is in effect till after the first full week of exhibition game is concluded. For full details on everything that is included, and that’s actually quite a bit, shoot me an email at

The Sunday free play looked live until some pretty bad defense by Cleveland’s Quad-A right fielder changed the game against the Yankees. It might well have lost anyway as the Tribe did nothing with the bats aside from a Brantley homer, so hopefully back on track tonight.

PADRES (Chacin) at REDS (Adleman)

Take: REDS -126

On the surface, this looks like a good spot for San Diego. While he’s been much stronger at home overall, Jhoulys Chacin is on a roll for the Padres. Tim Adleman is on what amounts to a reverse roll for Cincinnati.

However, the key for me in this game is an angle that has been highly profitable this baseball season. I’ve mentioned this before, but sweep revenge is a good little system as it has a logical rationale as to why it should work, and in fact it usually does.

There are exceptions, of course, and we just saw one, assuming the Mets end up losing their game with the Dodgers that is in progress as I’m writing this. The Mets were swept by the Dodgers in the previous series this season between the two teams. They’re about to get swept again.

But that is clearly the exception to the rule. Teams that are swept by an opponent will mostly be able to win at least one game in the return series. That applies to this Padres-Reds series. Cincinnati was swept at Petco earlier this season by the Padres. I’m banking on them winning at least once in this set at GAB.

Note however, that I will be playing tonight’s series opener for just a half unit. As this is what amines to a mini-chase system, I don’t want to set myself up for a monster loss if things don’t go well. The fact this is a four-game series enhances that risk, so I’m starting off small. That would also seem to be a decent train of thought considering tonight’s pitching matchup. But in any case, I will be playing the Reds on Monday evening and Cincinnati is the daily free play as well.