Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/23/19

  • November 22, 2019

Time for this week’s free selection in college football!


Take: SYRACUSE +9.5

I am definitely not crazy about this Syracuse team. Don’t like the QB, the defense can be had, just not much of a team. But this is a great spot for the Orange. Syracuse’s task is very simple. The win  over Duke kept them in the hunt for six wins and a bowl. They need to win here to stay alive. The Orange at least have some plus momentum off their best game of the season to date. It’s a dead fade spot for Louisville. The Cardinals have really progressed nicely from last year’s disaster. But they just achieved a huge goal with the win at NC State as they’re now guaranteed to go bowling. That makes this a tough rebound for a very young team. Also, they finish up with a major rivalry game against Kentucky. As terrific a coach as Satterfiend is, I think he’ll have a tough time keeping the young Cardinals focused here. The number is also too big in my view. I power rated ‘Ville only -5. So solid value and a very strong situational spot has me firmly on Syracuse plus the points.