Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 11/19/16

  • November 18, 2016

The usual quick late Friday blog, with the recap of the completed day and the free college football play for Saturday.

My Friday worked out pretty well. Memphis was a snap in college football, the college hoop sides went 2-1-1 and I split a pair of halftime wagers. Just a bit short of two units in the bank for the day. For details on my November Special, email me at or simply purchase securely by utilizing the drop down menu on this page.

Here’s the free play for Saturday in college football.



Some big bets on Colorado as the game is supposed to be more meaningful to the Buffs than to Washington State. All I keep hearing is how even if Wazzu loses here, the Washington game next week decides the division.

That’s true, but basically Colorado is in the same boat to some extent, as they will have to beat Utah next week to win the division. If my read is right, Utah wins the division thanks to having beaten USC if it’s a three-time tie.

Regardless, it’s my experience that all these scenarios end up getting way more play from media and fans than the teams themselves. The actual players just want to win and don’t dwell on things they cannot control.

I think this line has now climbed to a point where there’s too much value to pass on from a Cougars standpoint, and I also think you can argue they’re the better team right now. Colorado does play great pass defense to be sure, so this is by no means easy. But at close to a TD, I’ve got to trust my data and I’m taking Washington State.