Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 2/26/17

  • February 25, 2017

The usual abbreviated late Friday night blog as the Saturday game breakdowns continue well into the wee hours. I’ll have a very deep card today, which is the norm for me in late February.

My Friday was okay. No repeat of the Thursday 9-0, but not bad. 3-1 on the colleges, a win with the Jazz in the NBA, but two losses on the ice. The NBA and NHL plays were 0.5x each. I also missed the cut with both of my Honda Classic picks, so that cost one unit. Bottom line is a small 0.4 net profit for the day. Bottom line for the month is beautiful with three more days left before the arrival of the new month.

The Friday Pros vs. Joes rundown was helpful, thought there were no real standout sides. But the sharper sides identified did well overall, which has been the rule rather than the exception. Contact me via email at for details on my personal plays and/or the Pros-Joes.

Friday free on Oakland got there, and I’ll try and grab another one with a Saturday SoCon dog.


Take: 687 MERCER +8.5

I wonder about Chattanooga’s motivation here. The loss at Samford on the heels of the home defeat to ETSU means the Mocs are out of the title chase. So it’s a bit of a hollow Senior Day for the five guys that will be honored. One of those is Greg Pryor, and he might not be able to play as he suffered a concussion at practice on Tuesday.

The game is very meaningful for Mercer. The Bears can still win their way out off the SoCon play-in round, and this is also revenge for an earlier two-point home loss. That close home loss road dog revenge angle has been on fire. Chattanooga appears vulnerable right now, so getting this many points, I will take Mercer.