Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 4/13/19

  • April 13, 2019

The Vegas Golden Knights got on the board last night with a win at San Jose. That means the Knights have now wrested home ice advantage in this series, and the anticipated goalie issues for the Sharks have already shown up.

I think this is a series the Knights have an excellent chance to win, although there never has been any value in that wager, and there certainly isn’t now with the adjusted odds.

But regardless of how this series turns out, the Knights aren’t going to going to go deep in this year’s chase for the Stanley Cup if they can’t fix the defensive zone giveaway problem. They might get away with it in this series but those bad habits are going doom them sooner than later if they can’t rectify the deficiency in short order.

I managed a Friday split. Should have been 3-2 but I decided to not play the Mets and that cost me a winner. The long shot call on the Angels was never a threat to win and I faded the Royals on the wrong night. Fortunately, things worked out nicely with the first place Padres and I got a nice price winner with the Brewers. Just two plays for me tonight on what for me is very ugly schedule. Here’s one of them.


Take: INDIANS -110