Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 4/14/18

  • April 14, 2018

2-0 Golden Knights following a thrilling 2-1 double OT win on Friday night. This series is far from over as the scene shifts to Los Angeles for the next two games. But the pressure is now all on the Kings and they are going to have to find a way to slow down the Knights if they’re to get this series back to Las Vegas.

The difference between these teams was really apparent in Game Two. The Knights are so much quicker than the Kings. This game was only as close as it was due to the inspired play of Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

The thought here going into the series was that playoff hockey would create closer checking and would favor the more physical team. Through two games, the only reason the Kings even appear to be more physical is that they’ve been forced to try and separate the Knights from the puck, because the Knights seemingly always have the puck. So take those “hits” stats with not a just a grain, but an entire container of salt.

That’s what is comes down to for me. If the Knights can’t be slowed down by the Kings, LA will be hard pressed to win even one game, let alone four. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds in Game Three.

This has been a really good week for me, and it continued Friday with 2-0-1 in MLB and a Jets -1 winner on the ice. I’ve already bet a pair of Saturday MLB games and will be looking to add more in the morning.

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Time for a long shot on the diamond as the daly free play.

RANGERS at ASTROS (Minor vs. Morton)

Take RANGERS F5 (approximately +175, line unavailable till morning)

The Astros are a monster, Charlie Morton is pitching like an ace and the Rangers are terrible. So I won’t try to sell anyone that this is some kind of spectacular upset call.

But I do see some value in taking a shot with the Rangers for a five inning play. Mike Minor has an assortment of red flags among his peripherals. But the bottom line is that with all his fly balls and unsustainable BABIP, the guy is getting people out. Minor’s luck will eventually end and the regression will begin. But rather than guess when that’s going to happen, I’d rather take my chances playing on a pitcher enjoying a fortunate run, and Minor sure qualifies on that count.

I have no desire to trust the Texas bullpen, especially against this powerhouse of a Houston lineup. But I think Minor has a pretty good chance of battling Morton on even terms in the early innings. The line here will be very high, and I like the idea of going for the tasty odds and making a F5 play on the Rangers to surprise the ‘Stros early.