Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 5/4/19

  • May 3, 2019

This is nitpicking, but I really don’t care. i know baseball is concerned with pace of play rule changes, and it might well be the sport will go the gimmick route on a couple of proposals. I’m not going to crush these ideas, because while I might be a traditionalist, I’m also aware that some changes probably need to be made to hopefully attract younger fans. We live is a short attention span universe now, and that’s not going to change.

Okay. So maybe i’ll accept a gimmick or two. But in return, I want a rule put in that prohibits teams from using a position player as a pitcher in mop up situations where it’s better than burning a reliever. I didn’t;t have a problem when this was a really rare occurrence, no more than a few times overall per season.

Now it’s an epidemic. The White Sox brought in a position player to pitch the ninth on Friday night in a five-run game. That’s a little ridiculous and to me, it’s an insult to the game.

I don’t want it all my way, so here’s the proposal. No team can use a position player to pitch unless they’re trailing by at least ten runs, and it can only be for one inning. Okay?

I managed a split on Friday, with a very minimal fractional loss. The Pirates got blown out, the Diamondbacks hung on for a 10-9 win in a thriller at Coors. I’m on a decent run right now, so I’m satisfied with not going 0-2 on a night there I got outscored 23-11.

I’m set on two MLB items for Saturday, and here’s one of them. Regular readers now this is a blind individual pitcher angle I’ve been on for quite some time and will continue to play until such time as it turns the other way.

DIAMONDBACKS (Weaver) at ROCKIES (Freeland)

Take: F5 UNDER