Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 5/6/17

  • May 5, 2017

The Chicago White Sox are one of the early season surprise teams in Major League Baseball. The White Sox committed to a series rebuilding process in the off-season. In the process, they spectacularly improved their organizational rankings as far as prospects are concerned.

Now the Chisox have a bit of a dilemma. They’re off to a terrific start to the surprise of nearly all observers, and there has been some speculation that perhaps the team should put a halt to the selling and see what happens this year moving forward.

I will go the completely opposite route. Not only do I think the White Sox should maintain the organizational game plan, I actually believe they should be in acceleration mode right now.

My reasoning is simple enough. The White Sox have some marketable commodities whose value might never be higher than it right now. If that sounds like a fantasy baseball tactic, so be it. The premise of selling high has always made sense, and I absolutely feel that’s the case here.

Later in the season, the sellers will be plentiful as the trade deadline approaches. If I’m running the White Sox, I’m judging the market as it is today and seeing several contenders that could use immediate help due to injury issues. No point in letting the competition catch up from this vantage point. Even though the team is playing good ball right now, this looks to me to be a prime time for the White Sox to be dealing

Small loss for me on Friday, first losing day in awhile, and it was merely one unit. I split the two NBA partial plays on the Raptors and went 1-2 in baseball. I like the Saturday slate and have already played a quartet on the diamond (including a rare 1.5x play), plus another NBA combo.

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The Raptors lost the first quarter, but won the first half, so a Friday split in the NBA. I’m listing just the first half option on these daily free plays, as that’s all that’s widely available at publication time. But note I’m actually playing these as a split unit, half on the first quarter and half on the first half. Same story tonight.


Take: JAZZ 1H +1.5

Strategy remains the same with these partial game plays, and this will be the final one for this round of the NBA playoffs. The Jazz figure to come out with great intensity in their initial home game vs. Golden State. I don’t have confidence Utah can get past the Warriors over the full 48 minutes, but I like their chances of seeing them play their best ball in the first 12/24 minutes. The angle continues to pay off handsomely, so once more it’s a 1Q/1H split on the Jazz.