Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/1/19

  • June 1, 2019

The Boston Bruins were vastly superior in Game One. The St. Louis Blues dominated the ice in Game Two. It sure seems to me like we’ve got the setup for a tremendous Game Three battle as the Blues move into the host role after achieving a successful split at Boston.

I don’t see momentum as much of a factor here. It’s overrated terminology to begin with as momentum can shift in the blink of an eye.

My take on tonight’s game is that the Bruins are going to come out angry after what can only be described as a pretty miserable performance in the most recent game. It almost seemed like the Bruins thought they had things well in hand after the powerful showing in the opener, plus the early lead in Game Two. Now they know full well that this Blues entry is anything but a pushover.

I still believe Boston is the superior overall team. Therefore, I’ll side with them tonight. But I’d be stretching the truth if I said this was a super confident call. So this will be just a small play for me. Good luck if you’re with me!


Take: BRUINS +102