Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 6/10/17

  • June 9, 2017

Can someone explain to me why so many big leaguers simply ignore the third base coach and run through stop signs? This drives me nuts. Why do they think they know more than the guy who has the best angle to make the decision. And besides, that’s a big part of his job.

Granted, there are occasions where the player gets it right and scores when the coach was trying to hold him up. But more often than not, this insistence on the part of the baserunner results in a less than desirable conclusion and is often extremely costly.

I mention this because I just saw it happen in the Friday night game between the Blue Jays and Mariners. Seattle guy runs right through the stop sign and is meat the plate.

A definite pet peeve of mine that irritates me to no end, particularly when it’s someone on my side that commits the mistake.

Results for Friday are incomplete as I’m awaiting the results of the Mariners play. They’re up 3-2 in the 8th as I’m writing this. Not a great week for me with bullpens, so I’ll be holding my breath. Recap in tomorrow’s blog.

The free play is on Game Five of the NBA Championship Series between Cleveland and Golden State.

Please note this is a hedge play I consider to be somewhat of a no brainer.



I have the Warriors +250 to win the series in five games. That was a free play posted here prior to the start of the series. So this play is ONLY for those who tailed along and have the same play.

It’s simple enough. If the Cavs pull the upset in Game Five, my series bet is dead but I would get out even with a spread winner on the Cavs.

If the Warriors win and cover, I’ll cash the +250 and will lose -110 here.

If Lady Luck smiles at me, Golden State wins but doesn’t cover and I collect 3.5 units.

That’s it, no analysis as it’s a nice hedge opportunity and I’ll leave it at that.