Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 7/22/17

  • July 21, 2017

I’ve always wondered why people seem to love “reality TV”, which is some of the phoniest crap imaginable. Try sports instead. That’s the real “reality TV” minus the silly scripting and there’s rarely a day where something crazy doesn’t happen.

Consider Friday’s Braves-Dodgers game. Alex Wood has been ridiculously tough all season. The Dodgers are almost unbeatable right now and they’re facing Atlanta lefty Jaime Garcia, who was supposedly on his way to Minnesota in a trade.

So naturally, Wood has his worst outing of the season, and Garcia pitches a very nice game. Plus the Braves southpaw shows off his hitting skills with a grand slam off Wood.

That’s true reality as opposed to the bullshit the masses seems to flock to.

By the way, true story. Several years ago, some cable network was airing a makeover reality show and they selected someone at Lotus Broadcasting as the subject. That’s the home of ESPN radio here in Las Vegas.

Long story short, there’s a sequence where they’re filming someone from behind walking down a hallway. They did multiple takes on this. I mention that only because even for something that simple they had to shoot it more than once. Some “reality TV”.

Stay with sports. It’s better quality and it’s actually real.

I split on Friday, but nailed another winner in the CFL, which has been pretty spectacular for me thus far. I’ll have tonight’s football game as well as the Monday night matchup. I’ll also be involved with at least two baseball games, including the one I’ve got here as the daily free play.

Don’t forget, that early signup rate for football is good only till the start of the exhibition season. I’m likely to be sending out my first few college games over the next week or so. For compete details n what the package encompasses, shoot an email my way at

I’ll go with another Total for the Saturday free play. The overall analysis is strikingly similar to what I had for the Friday comp, so rather than be repetitive I’ll keep this one short snd sweet.

TIGERS (Zimmermann) at TWINS (Gibson)

Take: OVER 10.5

I like this game to be high scoring. Conditions will be favorable to the offenses, and the starting pitching matchup is the definition of mediocre with Zimmermann opposing Gibson.

These are also two pretty weak bullpens, despite the fact the relievers for both teams were highly effective on Friday night. But each pen also had to work multiple innings so a good chance we see some down the stretch runs in this game.

It’s a high Total, which figures considering the lack of quality on the mound here, but I still see this as a good opportunity to cash a ticket on the Over.