Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/25/18

  • August 24, 2018

Weekend blog mode. Pickup of one unit on Friday thanks to the Cardinals winning yet again on the diamond. Saturday will be a busy action day for me. Two NFL games, plays on each of the Week Zero college games and a couple of sides on the diamond.

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Saturday’s free play is both known and unknown right now. That’s because it’s going to be the back end of the doubleheader between the Yankees and Orioles.



The doubleheader split angle has been a huge winner this season on Major League Baseball. It’s about as simple a system as you’ll ever find. Back the first game loser to salvage the split by winning the nightcap.

In this instance, if form holds, I’ll likely be having to back the pathetic Orioles in the second game. If that’s the case, I’ll at least be catching pretty good underdog odds. If Baltimore happens to get the opening game upset, the Yankees would be the Game Two side. Note that if that ends up taking place, I night well just go with a Runs Line play as the Money Line will be quite steep.

But the bottom line is that I’ll be waiting for the opening game result and looking to play the loser in the nightcap.