Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/12/17

  • August 12, 2017

Geno Smith reminds me of me, as a golfer. Just so we’re clear, I’m not comparing our abilities. Smith was a fabulous college quarterback and was a first round draft NFL draft choice. I think it’s fair to say my golf game was never even remotely close to that level.

But Geno Smith and I have something in common. And I’ll bet there are plenty of you readers who will know exactly what I mean when I explain.

When I played golf regularly, I could be dooming pretty well, and then it would happen. I’d hit a really bad shot, and I’d unravel. As much as I would try to put the errant shot out of my mind, it would almost invariably stay with me for at least a few holes, which I would mostly butcher.

That’s the essence of Geno Smith. If you were watching Smith play football for the very first time, you’d absolutely be impressed with the raw skills. There’s not a thing wrong with Smith physically, and he can make all the throws. He’ll look terrific for a short stint, clearly a guy with the capabilities to start at QB in the NFL.

And then it happens. Smith makes a mistake. And that’s it, he’s checked out mentally at that point virtually every time. It happened again last night in a meaningless exhibition game. Smith looked dynamite. He was clearly in command and in fact, appeared to have the second and third team Steelers he was facing at his mercy.

But as soon as Geno made that one bad throw, I knew he was toast. Sure enough, from that point on, Smith looked like a deer in the headlights. Totally indecisive and I’m convinced, mentally unable to shed the mistake he’d made.

Just as the mindset can and does make a big difference to a casual golfer, so it goes for even some gifted professional athletes. I’m afraid Geno Smith falls into that category.

I have nothing good to say about the week I’m having. Started off very nicely on Monday and Tuesday, but straight downhill the last three days. No excuses, either. I’m certainly hoping to gain back some of the lost ground today.

In any event, the show must go on, and for details on my Football ’17 deal, contact me via email at
Today’s free play will be on one the Saturday evening NFL preseason games.


Take: RAMS +3

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not of the belief the Rams are going to be anything more than ordinary at best in 2017. But that will still be an improvement over 2016.

This was a circus franchise last season, with the move to LA and a joke of a coaching situation with Jeff Fisher. There’s a caveat here, as the Rams will be without several first teamers for this game. But as the regulars don’t play much in exhibition openers, I’ll pretty much overlook that fact. There’s no question the new coaching staff is excited about getting on the field, so there should be lots of enthusiasm.

As for Dallas, I have no idea where their heads are at with the surprising jolt received via the lengthy Ezekiel Elliot suspension. I don’t think there’s any question it has to be a distraction. So while Dallas is clearly the more talented team, mindset is the big key factor in these early preseason games and I would give that edge to the home team under the unusual circumstances. Rams plus the points.