Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/26/17

  • August 25, 2017

The circus in town and it will culminate tonight in the center ring at The T. It’s Mayweather vs. McGregor in what has become an extraordinary betting event.

The dollars being wagered on this fight are incredible, and as previously noted, this is the most bizarre pattern I’ve seen in my roughly five decades of involvement in the gambling biz.

A couple of quick thoughts to pass along. First, iox McGregor wins, it’s a total nightmare for the boxing world. The squared circle fan following has been dented substantially by the rise of MMA, and the UFC in particular. Diehard boxing fans hate it when I say this, but the evidence is incontrovertible, particularly when examine the age demographics. A win tonight by the MMA guy who has zero career rounds as a boxer would be a disaster for the sweet science.

The other bit of commentary is aimed toward those hardcore boxing fans who have, in large numbers, crushed this fight as one that shouldn’t even be sanctioned. That holier than thou attitude is inane. Want proof? It’s going to be the most heavily wagered upon fight of all time. Even if this plays out as a mismatch, the fans have spoken loudly and clearly. End of story.

Nice Friday evening here, in spite of yet another extra inning loser. That’s now 3-19 on my last 22 games that have gone past regulation. Amazing. The good news is I won about three net units overall. Saskatchewan was the nuts in the CFL against a very beat up Edmonton squad. I earned a really nice profit with the Patriots winning by a deuce, as I had laid -1 with New England early in the week and bet back half that wager with the Lions +3.5. The baseball produced about a half unit of profit with a 3-2 result.

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Two free play winners on Friday with the Pats in the NFL and a very nice payoff with the underdog White Sox on the diamond. I’m going with what for me is a rare parlay in baseball for the Saturday comp.



The Nats and Yanks fit a late season angle that I like playing. Rather than lay very large prices with these two heavy chalk pieces, I’m instead going to take my chances that Gio Gonzalez and Sonny Gray can pitch me to a parlay winner.

Enjoy the fight, the football and the bases. Should be a fun day!