Cokin’s Corner, Saturday 8/5/17

  • August 4, 2017

Tim Tebow might never play a Major League Baseball game. That remains to be seen. But one thing that’s sure is that the New York Mets were very wise to sign Tebow. Regardless of what he does on the field, Tebow is an absolute cash cow at the gate.

Tebow has spent the last several weeks playing for the Mets Hi-A squad in Port St. Lucie. Those Mets have now set a single-season attendance record, and that’s with about one month still remaining before the season ends for the Florida franchise.

Tebow has put up okay numbers at Port St. Lucie. He’s cooled off somewhat after a surprisingly hot start following his promotion, and is currently mired in a 4/29 slump. But I don’t really think it matters what Tebow does on the field. The fans show up and cheer him on, and the cash register rings all night long.

Where this all ends is anyone’s guess. But full props to Tebow, who has proven beyond any doubt that he didn’t just try baseball as a lark. He’s definitely working at the game, and if he’s unable to climb the ladder, it sure isn’t going to be for lack of effort. Either way, the Mets organization is a big winner when it comes to the bottom line.

The 8-0 CFL run is over, as Ottawa flat out blew the game down the stretch on Friday night against Winnipeg. The reigning CFL champion Redblacks just can’t finish a game this season, and it’s a very safe bet at this point there isn’t a repeat run in store. I’m in action on the one remaining game on this week’s slate, which goes tonight.

As for football on this side of the border, I’ve got several games with heck marks as possible plays for the first full week of preseason action. One of those will be today’s free play. I’m very enthused about the upcoming season as I don’t think my prep work has even been better. Hopefully, that pays off on the ledger for everyone involved.

The early signup rate is in effect until next Sunday, when Week One of the exhibition campaign concludes. It’s a very nice savings over the regular rate, and includes everything I’ve got in college and pro football all the way through the Super Bowl. And yes, the CFL is included. Let’s just say those already on for the season have paid for their subscriptions just based on those results to date. Sign up via PayPal using the tab to the right of the page. If you’d like more detailed information, shoot me an email at

The Friday free play missed as the Mets were buried by the relentless Dodgers. For today’s comp, I’ll turn to a Week One NFL preseason hookup. Note that I have not yet played any games for this upcoming week, but this one certainly has a good chance to make the final cut.


Take: GIANTS -2.5

One of the keys to success in handicapping the NFL preseason is knowing the tendencies of the coaches. That’s certainly in play here as Pittsburgh takes the field against the Giants.

There isn’t much question that Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin puts little if any stock into these meaningless games. All one needs to do is take a quick look at how Pittsburgh has performed in August over the last several seasons.

The Steelers are riding a 3-14 straight up and against the spread record over the last four NFL preseasons. I really don’t see why that’s about to change this summer. Tomlin’s exhibition game planning has been throughly vanilla, as his only real objective has been to get his team ready for September, when the games actually count in the standings.

There isn’t any pattern established yet with Giants head coach Ben McAdoo. But one thing that’s clear is that this camp has been high spirited, to put it mildly. Skirmishes have been breaking out on a daily basis. I can’t guarantee this enthusiasm will show up next Friday against the Steelers. But I sure don’t see it as a negative, as these players are likely to be very much in the mood to hit guys wearing enemy uniforms.

I haven’t chiseled it in granite just yet, but at this point I’m certainly looking at playing the Giants in their preseason opener.