Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 1/6/19

  • January 5, 2019

Condensed thoughts on the two Saturday NFL playoff games.

I’ll start with Indy-Houston. It probably wouldn’t have made much difference, but I just don’t understand why the Texans stubbornly stayed with man coverage while they were getting torched by Andrew Luck early on. Colts receivers were wide open throughout the first half. Not only was it 21-0, but probably should have been 28-0. Luck actually made a mistake on the interception, as he had Inman wide open for what would have been a touchdown. The Chiefs should take note of what Indy was running offensively and be prepared with a better scheme than the one utilized by the Texans.

Meanwhile, that Indianapolis defense continues to improve. Their defense might be the most surprising unit in the entire NFL this season, as it was supposed to be horrendous. The D will have to be at its absolute best next week for obvious reasons, but that’s a very confident bunch right now.

As for the Seahawks-Cowboys, the final margin was only two points but Dallas was the better team. The Cowboys caught a bad break when what appeared to be pass interference in the end zone didn’t get called, allowing the Seahawks to stay within three in the fourth quarter. But the Dallas defense held firm and the Cowboys drove for the huge insurance score on their next possession.

The end of the game was a little bizarre and very meaningful for anyone who bet the game at 2.5 either way. Due to the injury to Sebastian Janikowski, the Seahawks were compelled to go for two following their two second half scores and converted both times. The second deuce decided the spread for anyone on the 2.5, and I was very lucky to get the right side of that coin flip.

Bottom line is Dallas has a chance to keep playing and will be a dangerous road dog next weekend.

I absorbed my first losing day of 2019, but it wasn’t too damaging with a -1.5 result for the day. Still off to a solid start to the new month and I sure can’t complain with the overall numbers over the past few months.

I’ll be posting a new special within the next few days. I haven’t decided what two do just yet, but meanwhile, feel free to choose whatever you want from the Cokin’s Picks menu to the right of the page.

Free plays have been on a bit of a rampage, with North Dakota a very easy Saturday winner. The bad news is that today’s comp will have to be an added opinion. As it currently stands, I’ve got just one service selection pending on a college basketball game. I am passing the two NFL games. My numbers are virtually the same as the actual lines and I simply don’t have much of an opinion on either game. So here’s a game that offers a slight bit of value on my projections and I’ll make that my free call today.

813 NEBRASKA at 814 IOWA

Take: NEBRASKA -2.5