Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 11/3/19

  • November 3, 2019

Sorry, no free NFL play today. I made a decision that I won’t put any more “leans” here that are not actual plays. Just seems kinda lame to offer an opinion I’m not backing with any cash myself. As it happens, i have just one NFL wager today, and that’s already being sold on various websites as well as emailed to my customers. So hope you understand, I can’t really publish it here as a comp.

Good news is there should be more daily entries moving forward as college basketball gets going this week, plus there’s always the NHL.

As for my Saturday, the Utah State loser here was hideous, but the rest of my day went well enough. Loser on FIU, but very comfortable winners with Buffalo, Kansas State and Tennessee. Nevada managed to cover as well to close out the proceedings at 4-2, so the decent results keep coming.

College hoops begin Tuesday, and I’ll let everyone know about my early season strategy at that time. Enjoy your Sunday!