Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 12/30/18

  • December 30, 2018

Monday Morning Quarterbacking is so easy. Lots of complaining about Notre Dame being included in the four-team college football playoff. This, of course, came after the fact. I didn’t hear much squawking before the Fighting Irish got smacked by Clemson.

If you’re asking me whether I think Georgia is better than Notre Dame and therefore should have been in ahead of the Irish, I’d say yex. I have Georgia as my #3 ranked team overall on my power ratings.

But this playoff isn’t about power ratings or opinion. Fact is Notre Dame beat 12 FBS schools, including nine which were bowl eligible and two that were ranked in the polls. That’s a good resume. Georgia lost twice.

There is only one way to solve this issue, and that is to expand the field. Yes, there will still be arguments about the last spot or two in an eight-team field. But it’s less of an argument if you’re talking about #8 vs. #9 than it is between #4 and #5.

My “solution” is the five power five conference champions get automatic entries. A sixth goes to the highest rated non-power five conference champ. The last two spots are at=large entries that everyone can argue about. But in most seasons, there will be at least one no-brainer at large and maybe only one disputable entry that gets that last spot.

As for this season, based on the criteria that’s current in existence, Notre Dame earned its playoff invite. Georgia didn’t, and opinion about the better team be damned.

Virginia was a piece of cake winner as my only Saturday bowl play. The added opinion on this page on Florida also won, but that was not an official play. I missed with Boise State in hoops as the offensively inept and also soft Broncos fell at home to a shorthanded Oregon squad. NHL, which has been terrific, wasn’t last night as Nashville was upset by the Rangers. But I only played that game on the puck line, so not much damage really done. Down one unit for the day overall, but this has been another really good month, so no beefs.

I’m on two NFL games today, one of which I’m posting here as the daily comp. Hoops and hockey will be finalized in the morning.

Here’s today’s free NFL play.


Take: PACKERS -8

I’ve been sticking mostly with only the NFL games that are fits on my projections, but I’ll go the opinion route here. I think the Lions have given up and the Packers are still playing like it matters. Detroit was absolutely horrific in the second half against Minnesota last week. They played well early but could not finish off any of their drives, settling for nothing but field goals, After the Vikings hit the Hail Mary to take the lead at halftime, the Lions clearly gave up and mailed it in for the last 30 minutes. The Packers showed me something last week, battling very hard after falling well behind in a meaningless game at the Jets. I expect full effort from them here as they close the season at home. One other note of some significance is that at last some of the Packers have come out publicly in support of Joe Philbin becoming the head coach. I don’t think that will happen, but the fact the clubhouse seems to like him likely means they go all out for him here. Green Bay in a romp seems very possible to me and I’m going ahead and spotting the points with the Packers.