Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 2/10/19

  • February 9, 2019

Let’s call it straight. The PAC-12 is a major conference in name only. The football programs are continuously getting exposed in season ending bowl games. The basketball isn’t any better. Washington is the current league leader and the Huskies aren’t even a borderline Top 25 team.

Is this just a down cycle? Time will tell, but the view from here is that the league’s horrendous TV contract is having a major impact on the performance of the league in the two main revenue sports. The PAC-12 is so sight unseen by so many college football and basketball fans they’ve become an afterthought. I don’t see any recovery coming till that ongoing issue gets rectified.

I’ve hit a slump in the NHL. Not very good out of the All Star break and coughing back the profits that were being earned in a big way prior to the break has not been enjoyable. As for the hoops, a middling Saturday. The only one unit play was a winner as DePaul topped a reeling Xavier squad. A slew of half unit plays played out to a small loss the way I grade them as I recorded Drake and Idaho as pushes. Chances are most of my subscribers won both those games, but I always grade at same book’s price at the time I send the game out. Sometimes that’s a helper for me, sometimes it’s not. In the aforementioned cases, it meant pushes rather than wins. The whole idea is to be consistent with the grading as that’s the fairest way to do it.

I’ll have one NHL side (already played) on Sunday and I also have just one basketball play as of now. It’s a play that fits one of my late season angles, and unless there’s something notable to keep me away from these sides, I just play them. So today’s free play is:


Take: NIAGARA +8