Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 2/17/19

  • February 16, 2019

The Golden Knights and a desperately needed win on Saturday night as they defeated the Nashville Predators. It’s not like the two points mean all that much. But a really well played 60 minutes was key here.

The Knights did everything well in this game. The offense got untracked impressively. But the real star of the show was Malcolm Subban. The backup goalie looked fabulous in running his lifetime T-Mobile record to a gaudy 10-1. More importantly, Subban signaled to everyone involved that he’s a guy ready for more action. That means a little more needed rest time for Marc-Andre Fleury. And that can only serve the Golden Knights well once the playoffs get underway.

I’ll end up coughing back a couple units once all the Saturday results are in (still have some hoops pending). That’s not good, as the treading water continues. Bottom line is I need to nail it on the back end of February.

Sunday’s card will feature two basketball games that I like quite a bit, and I will likely add something else in the morning.

For the daily free play, here’s an NHL side. No line on this one till the AM but I like the situation for the visiting side.