Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 2/24/19

  • February 23, 2019

I watched the Saturday exhibition game between the Yankees and Red Sox. What really interested me was to see how the “pitch clock” worked. Early impression? It’s okay with me. I’ve got no problem with more action and less standing around, so if this moves things along a bit, I don’t see an issue.

Max Scherzer does see a problem and I imagine he won’t be alone among big league pitchers. I guess I understand his gripe, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.

I know I’m now a member of the senior set, but my memory is not yet fuzzy. I grew up in an age where games basically never took three hours, unless there were extra innings. Granted, there are more pitching changes now and that’s going to slow things down. But the big issue for me is the time spent between pitches. It’s at times borderline ridiculous and for my money you can omit the borderline part.

I won’t say I’m locked in on the verdict to bring the pitch clock into the big league game, but I’m certainly leaning that way.

I wish I could say something positive about my handicapping right now, but that just can’t be done. I’ve been just plain lousy and need to get my ass in gear. I actually think I might be overanalyzing things, but that’s not an uncommon tendency when the results are producing more losses than wins. Bottom line is I’ve got red ink splashed all over the ledger right now and and that needs to change.

I’m on two plays Sunday. Here’s one of them.


Take: DRAKE +2

Makes no real sense for Illinois State to be the favorite here, so I guess you can say I’m backing a square dog. But the fact remains Drake has clearly superior statistical data, they’re in much better current form and the Bulldogs are also still very much alive to win the conference title. This could well be pros vs. joes material if the “sharp” money is on the home team, but I will take Drake as the small underdog.