Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 2/3/19

  • February 2, 2019

It’s Super Sunday! Certainly one of my favorite days of the year, as it’s a guaranteed great food day and the football game is pretty entertainment as well.

I’ll toss out my prediction on the game as well as a couple of props I like as today’s free play.

Meanwhile, off a really good Saturday. Boston College was a miss but my other full unit hoops play was a winner with James Madison. The NHL play worked out beautifully as the Islanders won the game and also scored an empty netter for the -1 cover and nice paycheck on the ice. Subscriber only college baskets, which will be mostly my late season system stuff, delivered five out of six winners. So a very nice day overall and a harbinger of things to come in my favorite month of the year.

On to the Super Bowl. I don’t have any really strong opinions opinions on the game. This is a really tough call the way I see it. But here we go.


I also like a couple of props, though you’ll have to lay a price on each. I like Under 1.5 yards for the shortest touchdown. Give me one defensive PI flag in the end zone and that’ll likely be home free.

I also like Rob Gronkowski to go Over on his yards receiving prop. Mid-50’s on this one but he would seem to match up well against the Rams defense. More importantly, this might well be his grand finale as an NFL player and I believe he goes out on a high note.

Remember, this is only one game. Don’t treat it as big bet material just because it’s the Super Bowl. Have fun and good luck!