Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 3/10/19

  • March 9, 2019

Another quick blog tonight, but one brief comment. While the entire football world seems to be laughing hilariously at the Raiders for the Antonio Brown trade, consider this. The Raiders had four of the top 35 picks in this year’s draft prior to this deal. They still have four of the top 35 picks. And they have a true superstar wideout who should still have a couple of great seasons left, at the very least. Someone will have to explain to me how this is such a bad deal for the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.

My Friday was outstanding, and in what has been a seriously frustrating trend since the start if 2019, I gave it right back on Saturday. The Colorado State play was no good, though it did get interesting late. UC Irvine was a clear right side. It’s as simple as that. They simply got way too far ahead way too soon, which is literally the worst thing that can happen if you’re on a big favorite. There was some -12 available but the consensus line was -12.5 so I graded it as a loss.

Sunday’s card is to be determined. But here’s an early opinion that I’ll use as the free play for the day.



This one should be quite a battle with an NCAA bid going to the winner. I’m hoping for pick ’em on the game, in which case I’ll very likely go ahead with a play on the Bradley side. If the Braves come the favorite, I’ll likely leave it alone. Either way, this one should be a chess match that figures to get decided very late.