Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 3/17/19

  • March 17, 2019

UNLV basketball is done for the season. No suspense on Selection Sunday and as of right now no head coach. Marvin Menzies is out after three years and I don’t think there’s any question the move had to be made. That’s not meant to be a slam on Menzies. But the fact is MM just wasn’t moving the needle for a storied program that is in danger of becoming an afterthought.

As for the new coach, it seems fairly certain it’s going to be a big name. I’m hearing at least two extremely interested candidates, but as I’m not the direct source, I am not going to borrow someone else’s work without asking first, and I haven’t had a chance to ask yet.

My choice will evidently not be a consideration. Rick Pitino is the ultimate right coach for this program on almost every level. He’s a great coach who wins, and he’s front page material. I really don’t care if it’s not always the front page stuff one wants to see. Pitino sells 10K season tickets in a week and packs the Mack for every home game with zero promotion. But it’s not gonna happen. Too bad.

The good news is it looks like a very good bet that the next Rebels head coach is going to be a proven winner who can make this program far more relevant and cure the general apathy that now exists. That’s the good news and for UNLV fans, it’s at least a ray of hope.

I’ve had a very nice week with the tournament baskets. Vermont and Irvine were each easy Saturday winners, and I’m 9-4 for the week on the hardwood. I split two Saturday NHL plays for a -0.4 result, wining with the Bruins but losing with the Sharks. Pretty good head of steam heading into the various Dances, and I’ll sure endeavor to keep that going. For rates and details on what’s available, email me directly at

Hopefully, everyone (at least in this part of the country) set their alarms and got a wager in on Vermont as the Saturday feee play. I’ll go with one on the ice for the Sunday comp.



No price on this game as I’m writing, but I don’t see that being a factor here. I prefer the Islanders off a flat effort at Detroit on Saturday, as opposed to a Minnesota squad that won against the Rangers but still looks vulnerable to me. The Islanders have enjoyed spectacular success playing the second of back to backs and I believe they can head into Minnesota and grab two points today.