Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 4/21/19

  • April 21, 2019

Quick holiday morning blog. I split a pair on the diamond yesterday for a virtual wash, losing with the small favorite Dodgers but getting that back with the underdog Mariners. I’m on a pair today and will post one of those here. I decided to pass the two NHL playoff games. I think the Golden Knights ought to win, but the price is too prohibitive for me. Got a feeling the Bruins and Leafs head back to Boston for Game Seven, but I’m unwilling to back that with a wager.

METS (Syndergaard) at CARDINALS (Hudson)

Take: METS -125

Pitching numbers here heavily favor the Mets. Syndergaard is very reliable and I simply am not buying Dakota Hudson as a starting pitcher at this point. I believe he’s far better suited to the bullpen right now, but the Redbirds are stuck for a fifth starter. The Mets offense is right there with that of St. Louis.  The Cardinals have the better bullpen, so there’s an argument a F5 play is a better option here. But the F5 price reflects that, so I’d rather save on the juice and will play the Mets full game.