Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 4/7/19

  • April 7, 2019

Sundays are a bit of a pain as it’s almost all day games and I like to get lineup info before settling on any plays. So, this is going to be the one day each week where the daily free play likely won’t get posted till close to game time if I happen to be on an East Coast clash as is the case today. With that being the case, here’s today’s comp. A more complete blog tomorrow with a look at the NCAA Championship game!

TWINS (Berrios) at PHILLIES (Eflin)

Take: TWINS + 118

I made up my mind prior to the season to back Jose Berrios out of the gate and let the chips fall where they may. Berrios is a guy who I have as a potential breakout elite pitcher. The only holdup to this point for Berrios has been his shaky numbers on the road, as he’s already very dominant at home. The tough part of the deal is that his home data is already causing him to be priced unattractively at Target. But I think there are still bargains to be had on Berrios in away games and there’s no question in my mind he has the talent to tame any lineup. Big challenge here as the Phillies are scary offensively and they have a tough hurler on the mound in Eflin, a guy who might be pretty underrated himself. But I’m already plus money backing Berrios and I’m going to keep riding him when the prices are palatable, so the Twins are my choice today.