Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 5/19/19

  • May 18, 2019

No controversy coming out of the second leg of this year’s Triple Crown. War of Will got a perfect ride and was a clear winner at this year’s Preakness.

My choice was the 12 horse, and heading to the final turn I thought I had a chance to at least hit the board. The horse was well positioned in his role as a stalker but he simply didn’t fire when asked and was a non-factor down the stretch.

I had considered War of Will along with each of the two horses trained by Cox. But I made up my mind that in a race that I deemed being wide open, i was going to go for the longest price. Didn’t work out this time.

One more jewel remains and I’ve already got a circle on Game Winner if Bob Baffert chooses to run him at the Belmont. I thought the horse got an absolutely terrible ride at the Kentucky Derby and could be extremely live if he gets entered in the last leg.

So here’s where handicapping baseball can get highly irritating. I bet the F5 Under in the Cubs-Nationals game on Saturday. That lost, but the full game stayed Under. I played the full game Over in the Cardinals-Rangers and lost that. Needless to say, the F5 Over was a winner. One of those days I’d really like to erase from the memory banks. The only way to do so is to win on Sunday.

I’m not playing anything early for Sunday but have some definite considerations. One of them is this big dog I’ll use as the daily free play.

ROYALS (Duffy) at ANGELS (Skaggs)

Take: ROYALS +148

Just one quick note on this game. Tyler Skaggs was tipping his changeup in his last start. His arm speed was clearly slower than when throwing the fastball and was actually pretty visible just watching on TV. If he hasn’t fixed that issue, he’s a good bet to get hit in this game. The Royals are terrible but would appear live at the price.