Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 5/21/17

  • May 20, 2017

This Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Championship rematch better be great. It’s going to be the only chance to salvage what has to be the most boring playoffs I’ve ever seen in any sport.

I suppose an argument can be mildly accepted as to whether the Spurs could have at least given Golden State a run for their money with a healthy Kawhi Leonard. But when the San Antonio superstar went down in Game One, that was effectively the end of the series.

As for Cleveland-Boston, let’s call it straight, the series is a mismatch. The shocker at this point would be if the Celtics can somehow avoid the sweep. Putting it mildly, even that is a longshot.

If the Warriors and Cavaliers each complete their sweeps, we’re looking at eight days off between the Conference Finals and the main event. That’s lots of time to build the hype for a series that really needs to deliver.

My Saturday was spectacular. 1-0 NHL, 2-1 MLB and the winner at a big price at the Preakness. Overall gain for the day was right around +8.6 net units. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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The Padres F5 free play was dead almost immediately. That was the only downer on a memorably great overall day. I’ll go with the NBA game for the Sunday comp.



The Celtics have appeared mentally beaten in the first two games of this series. I don’t see how that changes as they head to Cleveland for the next two games. Not only is Boston unlikely to honestly believe they have have a chance here, they will now have to operate without their best player.

Cleveland can name the score here. That’s obviously in the betting line, as the oddsmakers are making it very expensive to play the Cavs here. Nevertheless, I’m not sure there’s anything left in the Boston tank at this point. We might see the wounded warrior mentality for a handful of minutes, but if Cleveland starts fast again this is likely another romp. The only way I can play is Cavaliers minus the points.