Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 5/7/17

  • May 7, 2017

I’m trying to get excited about the NBA post-season, I really am. But stacked up against the incredible action and tension that I’m seeing in the Stanley Cup playoffs, that’s pretty much impossible.

Maybe the winner of the Celtics-Wizards series can make life a little more difficult for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Perhaps the team that comes out on top between the Spurs and Rockets can make the Golden State Warriors sweat just a little bit. Or maybe the thought that was prevalent before the playoffs even started is simply a reality. That is, everything in the early rounds is a lousy undercard in advance of the main event.

There’s no such lack of suspense on the ice. I don’t mean to go off the rails with superlatives, but this might well be the best NHL post-season I’ve ever seen, at least to this point. Nearly every game is being contested for the full 60 minutes and in many cases, well beyond that.

Bottom line is I know what I’m watching, and it’s the NHL. Show me something exciting, NBA, and maybe I’ll tap the remote and give your league more than a passing glance. Meanwhile, the NHL continues to rule in this residence.

As usual, I missed on the Kentucky Derby. Nothing new there. Things went well otherwise on Saturday. My NBA 1Q/1H split unit on the Jazz was just a wash. But the baseball continues to run quite well, with a 3-1 result that included a 1.5x winner on the Rangers-Mariners Over. Decent day overall, and I’ll try to maintain on Sunday with three more MLB plays plus a little something on the ice.

The May guaranteed special is a no-brainer, at least in my opinion. Granted, I’m a little biased. But a full 30 days with a minimum +5 net unit guarantee (on all the baseball plays) or a full refund plus the next 30 days free is as good as it gets. Let me know if you can find anyone offering a stronger guarantee. Subscribe via the tab on this page, or for complete details on what’s involved, email me at

I’ll move to the NHL for the Sunday free play as Anaheim looks to put the finishing touches on the Oilers in Edmonton.


Take: DUCKS +110

Demoralizing. That was the first word that came to mind for me on Friday evening as I watched the Anaheim Ducks finish off one of the most incredible comebacks of all time in their 4-3 double overtime win against the Oilers.

Just in case you missed it, these were the Dead Ducks in Game Five as the final few minutes figured to harmlessly tick away. Edmonton was up 3-0  and seemingly count not lose the game. And then they did. The Ducks scored three goals in final 3:16 in regulation. This was truly an unbelievable finish, and it was capped off when the Ducks got the game winner in the second overtime.

I’m not counting out the Oilers. But the mental hurdle here has to be enormous. This is a young team lacking in playoff experience, and I really feel as though they’re going to be hard pressed to regain the momentum after the Game Five disaster.

The Ducks cannot take anything for granted in this game. They should be recalling last year’s series against the Predators where they were up 3-2 and lost the series. Anaheim also had the Blackhawks on the ropes the prior season, and they failed to close out that set as well. So I would have to think this team isn’t going to be relaxing even a little bit and thinking they’ve got things under control.

I’m banking in what should be a tremendous energy level off the amazing rally and perhaps some mental doubts  on the other side as this one unfolds. If I’m on target as far as that goes, I’ll have a good chance to get paid with a play on the Ducks tonight.