Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 6/25/17

  • June 24, 2017

I’ve been highly critical of Brad Ausmus during his tenure as manager of the Detroit Tigers. Ausmus is highly intelligent, and obviously knows the game. But I just don’t think he has the instincts that make for a good manager, at least not in-game. I obviously can’t speak on anything else related to the running of the team, so all I can go by is based on decisions made while the games are being played.

That said, the collapse of the Tigers is hardly all the fault of Ausmus. Fact is, it’s upper management that is mostly responsible for what is now a train wreck.

The Tigers appear to be headed for some tough times. There isn’t much on the way down on the farm and the nucleus of the parent team is aging. In other words, this team is in a world of hurt and simply canning Ausmmus won’t solve much of anything.

It’s pretty obvious that Detroit has to go into sell mode between now and the trade deadline. That means biting the bullet and moving some quality veterans for prospects who have a chance to be solid down the road.

Even that won’t be a cinch. I’m sure they can get something good for JD Martinez. But moving Ian Kinsler might prove to be difficult due to his contract and wishes for an extension, which evidently is a clause in his current deal.

In any event, it’s time for a complete overhaul that needs to get started as quickly as possible.

I won both Saturday baseball plays and lost my initial 2017 CFL wager on the BC Lions. Nice day overall though as one of the MLB winners was a fat +160 score on the Angels. It’s running pretty well right now and I’ll sure be trying to keep things rolling moving forward.

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I guess the notion of going against the Tigers each day until Brad Ausmus is working out pretty well, huh? No reason to stop now. Here’s the Sunday free play.

TIGERS at PADRES (Zimmermann vs. Richard)

Take: PADRES -104

Lather, rinse and repeat as far as the analysis has concerned.

I do, however, have a feeling this might be the final wager in this fade the Tigers run. Detroit is off on Monday before opening a series at Comerica against the red hot Royals. i hope I’m wrong for selfish reasons, but I’ll actually be surprised if Ausmus is still managing the Tigers come Tuesday. The change in the dugout is now inevitable and the timing for the move is perfect. We’ll see what happens on that count.