Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 7/29/18

  • July 28, 2018

The Oakland A’s were absolutely crushing the baseball heading into their weekend series at Coors against the Rockies. Considering the elements always in play in the altitude, a continuation of the A’s recent offensive prowess seemed fairly logical.

Two games, two losses for Oakland. 2/19 with runners in scoring position, 22 runners stranded and only two runs scored. And yes, they got me twice in this series. I’ll stay out of the Sunday finale, which is probably good news for Oakland fans.

Here’s the Sunday free play.

DIAMONDBACKS (Buchholz) at PADRES (Lucchesi)

Take: PADRES +105

Simply a numbers lean for me based on my projections. I’ve got this one at Padres -120. That might seem strange, but that’s what the points system I utilize came up with. Full disclosure, the projections have not exactly been spot on recently. Ebbs and flows of a long season, and right now there’s more ebb than flow with these. But I still tend to adhere to these numbers as the starting point for my analysis. That has me looking the Padres way in this series windup.