Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 8/20/17

  • August 19, 2017

Having watched football, baseball and even a bit of golf virtually the entire day, my eyes have had it for the night. So I’ll plunge right ahead to the daily free play for Sunday. This one is an NFL Over/Under prop I played today.


This really isn’t a huge knock on the Redskins. Place them in a different division and I’m likely not making this wager.

But the NFC East has a real chance to be a beast this season. The Cowboys and Giants each appear to be serious playoff contenders, and I happen to think the Eagles will be as well. That leaves Washington as the odd team out.

So right off the bat this team has six tough divisional battles, and even batting .500 in those half dozen games seems mighty challenging. For the purposes of the bet, I estimated the ‘Skins at 2-4 in their divisional clashes.

The non-division slate includes duels with the Raiders, Chiefs, Seahawks, Vikings, Cardinals and Broncos. That might not be the toughest slate ever, but again, I would say 3-3 is a glass half full outlook. Off my power ratings, I think 2-4 is more likely.

That’s 4-8 on my projections. Rams, 49ers, Saints and Chargers are the other four opponents. Thus, the Redskins would have to win all four of those games to squeeze over that 7.5 number.

Add in what I feel is uncertain chemistry and I think a good case can be made that this is a 6-10 team that will bring up the rear in the NFC East. That’s enough for me, and I am playing the Redskins Under 7.5 wins.

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