Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/1/19

  • August 31, 2019

Football week is complete, as I won’t be involved in the final two college games. Ended up going 5-6 overall, which is disappointing. 11-8 season to date is okay, but lots of room for improvement. The three college football free plays posted here went 2-1. Managed to earn a small profit altogether for August, fourth straight positive month, though none of those were what I’d call spectacular. Beats losing though.

I will be on one MLB game Sunday. That’s a service play, so won’t post it here. Unfortunately, I don’t like anything else to even a mild extent. So what I’ll do is post what my power rating line is for Houston-Oklahoma. If you want to play it, that’s up to you. It’s a definite pass for me, not enough of an edge to warrant a wager.

Anyway, I made this number Oklahoma -25, so it’s a very slight edge for the Sooners.

No blog on Labor Day. Have a great holiday, back on Tuesday.