Cokin’s Corner, Sunday 9/8/19

  • September 7, 2019

Lots of close calls on my Saturday card, but overall a very nice day. Arkansas State up big as I’m writing this, and if they hang on, it’s a 6-3 result, which I’ll take anytime.

Akron was a miss, as they had some serious special teams mishaps. I lost Tennessee and a late add on Arkansas, which was not a good decision on my part. Everything else won, a couple by a whisker and I survived a near disaster with Central Florida. In case you missed it, that game got called due to weather issues. Fortunately, they managed to get the minimum 55 minutes in, so I didn’t end up absorbing what would have been a catastrophic push.

On to Sunday. I’ll have just one NFL play, but will have more substantial action in baseball. One of the games I’ll be on will be the Cardinals-Pirates, where we once again have a debuting big leaguer. I like playing these games Under as it’s a sight unseen guy for one of the lineups and that’s generally an advantage. The other factor here is red hot Flaherty on the mound for the Cardinals. No line currently, but I’ll be betting a split play here.

CARDINALS (Flaherty) at PIRATES (Marvel)

Take: PIRATES F5 and UNDER F5 (half unit each)