Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 1/3/19

  • January 2, 2019

Time for some straight talk. The main sports attractions in Las Vegas today are the Golden Knights and the UFC. The Raiders are on their way here.

UNLV basketball was the franchise throughout what was a fabulous run as a perennial powerhouse. The Runnin’ Rebels remained the focal point for the locals even well after the glory days were history. But those days are gone and this is now a program that is rapidly becoming page two material.

The UNLV athletic department is faced with a critical decision they’re going to have to address in short order. Simply stated, UNLV has to choose between accepting mid-major status and dwindling support moving forward, or doing what is patently clear to get back on the front page.

Translated rather bluntly, they either have to continue to sink with Marvin Menzies or put together the right offer to attract a big name to rebuild the basketball program and put butts back into seats.

That’s really not an opinion on the ability of Menzies as a head coach. It’s merely a statement of fact that he is not the right fit for a program that is devoid of pizzazz. If you don’t think that matters, you don’t know Las Vegas.

There’s one big name, or rather one huge name coach, who happens to be available right now. I get it that some might find the idea distasteful, but I am also positive that’s a minority opinion. Rick Pitino is an absolutely perfect fit for this program. He puts UNLV back on the front page from day one.

Your move, UNLV.

3-1 on Wednesday as the good results continue. I won with the Sharks in hockey and got W’s from New Mexico and Oklahoma in hoops. UNLV was the loser.

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New Mexico came through for another free play winner on Wednesday. Here’s one for Thursday, and this one is value based on projections.