Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 1/31/19

  • January 31, 2019

This has nothing do with sports, but rather with life. For most of you reading this space, you probably haven’t gotten to this point yet.

I don’t know if this can be explained properly, as it’s an intangible and in truth, it’s all mental. But I know it’s real, and most everyone in my age group gets precisely what I’m talking about here.

I just typed in the date for today’s blog. 1/31/19. And then I just stared at it in disbelief. I blinked and the first month of another year is already gone. It’s just mind numbing to me how quickly the pages on the calendar seem to flip.

This was not the case when I was younger. Hell, when I was a kid arriving at school at about 9AM each day, just waiting for those seven hours to pass till it was 3PM and I could get the blank out of there seemed like it was forever away.

Now, a shitload of years later, I cannot slow this damn clock down. It ought to be the other way around. Maybe Congress can pass some kind of law?

3-1 on Wednesday with Creighton the lone mistake. That was clearly a wrong side. But Ole Miss, La Salle and LSU were right sides and I’ll take the solid night. I’ve got a big card going Thursday night, and I’ll post one of the plays as the daily comp.



Good luck!