Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 10/27/16

  • October 27, 2016

Here’s this week’s rundown of where the sharp money is showing in college football. Info is garnered via sources in Nevada, as well as offshore books plus stateside underground stores. Any comments or observations are courtesy of my contacts.

110 Georgia Southern has attracted the sharper dollars in tonight’s game against Appalachian State.

136 TCU has gotten the pro dough as the Horned Frogs host Texas Tech, while the public is siding more with the Red Raiders.

152 Iowa State has gotten a bit of attention from the smarts, though it’s not heavy to this point.

157 Miami Florida was tabbed immediately on Sunday evening, and there has not been any signifcant buyback on Notre Dame.

164 Tulane has drawn some sharp money as the Green Wave plays host to SMU. Speculation is that number has peaked, however, and will swing toward the Mustangs as game day approaches.

166 Oregon State is getting a decent amount of wise guy money as home dogs to Washington State.

168 Arizona is another PAC-12 home dog attracting sharper dollars as the Widcats entertain Stanford.

170 Ohio State has gotten pro money all week against Northwestern, and that has been a major mover fron the opener.

172 Wisconsin is the sharp dollar choice against Nebraska, while the public siding more with the Cornhuskers.

178 Florida is the smart money choice thus far in the big rivalry game with Georgia.

183 Central Florida is getting some attention from the sharps, while the squarer money has been on Houston.

196 UTEP drew some late sharp action last week, and the Miners are again getting wise guy dollars this week.

197 Michigan has gotten both pro and public play as big chalk against Michigan State.

That’s the rundown on the info as I have it currently for this week. Enjoy and good luck!

Due to time constraints today, no writeup on the daily free play, but here’s the pick for Thursday.



Take: HAWKS -4.5

Back to the usual format tomorrow.