Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 12/22/16

  • December 22, 2016

Two quick takes on a pair of trending topics.

Grayson Allen can be as contrite as he wants, but the Duke basketball star is very simply a dirty player at this point. His post-game apology following the latest tripping incident sounded sincere. But at some point there have to be consequences for actions. The consensus seems to be that Allen needs to be suspended. I agree.

Odell Beckham has been fined 18K by the NFL for a uniform violation. Beckham wore some pretty wild shoes on Sunday to honor the late Craig Sager. The shoes were then auctioned for charity. Nice gesture by the Giants wide receiver and his reward from the league is a fine. That’s ridiculous.

The NFL needs to put a policy in place that makes exceptions for tributes such as these where charity is the beneficiary. I have no problem if the league requires clearance before the action is undertaken, but the NFL needs to start approving acts of this nature. First off, it’s a very cool move by a high visibility player. Secondly, it’s actually good public relations for the league, and I think it’s fair to say they could use a little help along those lines.

I followed up the monster Tuesday with a disappointing 1-2 on Wednesday, but no complaints with the recent results. I’m currently on the Thursday bowl, a couple in college roundball plus an NHL play that I will use as the daily free play.

Most services don’t offer much in the way of guarantees. I’m pretty sure no one is issuing the guarantee I’ve currently got with my December Special. Shoot me an email at for all the details. All emails are confidential, no info is shared with anyone.

I’m playing the NHL on a very sporadic basis. But when something good shows up, I’ll happily take the plunge and I think there’s one such spot tonight. I’ll go with this one for the daily comp.


Take: BRUINS +100

Boston has not been winning lately, but it’s not like they’re playing all that badly. The Panthers have finally won a couple in succession but they’re not a very good hockey team right now.

I like the goaltending angle here. Tuukka Rask should be back in goal for the Bruins after having been yanked last outing. That wasn’t necessarily Rask having a terrible game, just terrible luck. One goal was after he collided with a teammate behind the net, and another was off a fluky board bounce that ended up landing right on the stick of an opposing player. Regardless, I like good goalies off a state where they get pulled. It also doesn’t hurt that Rask has owned the Panthers throughout his career.

Also, Florida will go with James Reimer in the cage, and the Panthers backup has been nothing special when called upon. Reimer is already confirmed as the starter in this game for Florida, and while there’s no such thing as 100%, when it’s confirmed the night before, it’s usually chiseled in granite.

If you’re into in-season team trends, the numbers here point pretty clearly to the Boston side. I think the visitors ought to be the chalk here, so I have no problem backing the Bruins side at even money.