Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 12/29/16

  • December 29, 2016

I’m thrilled to report that things worked out just the way I hoped they would.

When Tulsa failed to get the job done on my most heavily promoted regular season college football game, I was not a happy camper. I still can’t really figure out why the Golden Hurricane played as poorly as they did early on in that game with Cincinnati. Tulsa eventually rallied to win the game, but they never got within sniffing distance on the number.

So I made a decision that night to simply post my Bowl Game of the Year right here as a make good of sorts for those who purchased the Tulsa game.

The big bowl game came down to a choice among four games I liked the most. Those four were San Diego State, Kansas State and two other that have yet to be played. I opted to align myself with the Wildcats as I really like the improvement this team has displayed since the early portion of the campaign. I also believed that Bill Snyder vs. Kevin Sumlin was a potential coaching mismatch considering the prep time involved.

Long story short, Snyder schooled Sumlin, who continues to be among the more clueless risk vs. reward coaches in college football. Kansas State got rolling after a shaky start and held the Aggies off the scoreboard when it mattered most.

So I’m very happy to get Kansas State into the win column and hope those who played the game fared well in the process.

Nice Wednesday overall with a 4-2-2 ledger. Bad luck of sorts on the Pitt bowl play. The Panthers blew two first and goal shots early on and then lost two extremely important components to injury later in the game. The other tough result was a push on the NBA Knicks, and that was pretty ugly from a luck standpoint. But that push was more than offset by the other push, which was Oral Roberts. I took +4 in that game, and earned the push on an offensive rebound, layup and foul with one second left to play. The free throw was good and the game landed on four. That’s about as lucky as it gets, so no beefs here.

My January Special is now available, and it’s the same deal as my December Special. This is a guaranteed package and that guarantee is something I believe to be totally unique. Email me at for all the particulars.

Both Wednesday free plays won, with the Bowl Game of the Year on Kansas State and a college hoop call on Boise State coming through. I’m going with one on the ice for the Thursday comp.


Take: BRUINS -130

Boston is actually playing a lot better than their recent record indicates. They’ve been more victims than anything else, and I have no problem with their form. Boston absolutely should have won against the Blue Jackets in their first game out of the holiday break but got unlucky again. Now the Bruins move into their best role though, as they’re 10-4 with rest off a loss and Tuukka Rask has generally owned the Sabres.

Buffalo is treating this like a critical game, which it actually is, but fact is the Sabres just haven’t won these types. Buffalo had also lost four straight prior to beating Detroit, and they were outplayed by a big margin in that game. So it’s not like the Sabres are in razor sharp form right now.

Worth noting that if this goes past regulation, the Bruins have a clear advantage as the Sabres have lost eight times in that scenario compared to just four for Boston. It’s what I feel is a big game for both teams as this is the first part of a home and home duel. I’ll lay the reasonable price with the Bruins.