Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 2/14/19

  • February 14, 2019

One of the major complaints these days is regarding biased news coverage on the part of the major cable news networks. My complaint, as I’m involved in the world of sports, is with biased sports coverage.

I’m speaking directly to those networks who basically treat the NHL as an afterthought because they don’t happen to broadcast any of that league’s games. That’s the definition of biased coverage, or in this case non-coverage and I think it stinks.

I’m not suggesting that hockey get extended coverage. I get it that the networks want to feature the sports they cover the most heavily. That’s logical and I certainly can’t find fault with a slant of sorts.

But to me there’s no excuse whatsoever for flat out ignoring a sport that is tremendously exciting and fan friendly to boot. Treating the NHL like a minor sport is flat out wrong and unjustifiable. Bad job, networks.

I enjoyed a nice Wednesday with a 4-2 result and the strongest play of the sextet won as Colorado topped Arizona. But for cryin’ out loud, I cannot seem to avoid some kind of ridiculous finish in at least one game every night.

On Wednesday, it was South Alabama +9. Jaguars get a basket with seven seconds left to put the game on eight. For no apparent reason, they foul with just the seven ticks remaining. Two free throws an Georgia Southern goes up 10. If that was the end, oh well, that’s show biz. It wasn’t. The Jaguars get a garbage deuce on an uncontested dunk and with just one second left, that’s a winner. But no. With one bleeping second remaining in an eight point game, some guy on my side decides to commit one more foul. I cannot provide an explanation as there simply cannot be one. But needless to say, the Georgia Southern kid knocks down the two free throws, game lands on 10 and i get beat.

And that’s the difference between a good night and a really good night. On to Thursday.

The aforementioned end game fiasco put the daily free play in the loss column. Here’s a system play on the Thursday schedule that will be a half unit personal service selection.



Good luck!