Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 2/7/19

  • February 6, 2019

We’ve now had two games in three days where a late basket in a college basketball game was allowed, and in each case it should not have been. In both the Iowa State-Oklahoma game as well as the one I just saw between Creighton and Villanova, the baskets were counted. Neither changed the outcome of the game itself, but each impacted the wagering.

The NCAA has loudly and consistently argued against legalized wagering on its events. The impact of the integrity of the games is their supposed worry. Here’s the problem with that stance. Not only is it illogical as legalized gambling is the best safeguard against scandals, there’s also some pretty obvious hypocrisy involved. It’s tough for me to defend that mindset when baskets that aren’t baskets are allowed to stand.

Hello pot, meet kettle. But that’s always been the NCAA in a nutshell, so none of this should be surprising.

So much for the rant. Here’a free play for Thursday’s action.



First meeting between these two went to the wire with Texas State escaping on the right side of a one-point decision. The Mountaineers are playing pretty well of late and I definitely can see them battling hard in this rematch. Points are substantial enough to warrant a play on Appalachian State.