Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 2/23/17

  • February 23, 2017

No editorializing tonight, as I’m still breaking down a big Thursday schedule. But here’s the quick blog game plan for MLB ’17. I intend to get rolling on the individual team previews beginning next Monday. I’ll likely have a few Over/Under win prop plays included where I see value, but the main task will be get something together on each of the 30 teams.

My Wednesday was a 3-3 split, so no complaints. Couple of close losses to be sure, but they’re going to happen. February has been a banner month so far, and I’ll be trying to add to the bottom line with what is going to be very deep Thursday card.

The Pros vs. Joes keeps on delivering great info, with the one standout on Wednesday being North Carolina. Again, these are not my service plays. But the info is first-rate and the cost is pretty minimal. Your best move from a dollar standpoint is to visit, where the first month is available for just $99. Just go to the site, click on my page and you’ll see the pros vs. joes offer there.

Minnesota impressively dispatched Maryland as the Wednesday free play. The Thursday comp isn’t nearly as attractive from a  marquee standpoint but I like its chances of coming through.


Take: CAL POLY +8

I watch nearly every Long Beach game, and this 49ers team has simply had focus problems all season. That might be or might not be a carryover from their overly ambitious pre-conference schedule. But whatever the reason, this has been a problem for Dan Monson’s team.

I absolutely think that issue could come up here. Long Beach still has a chance to win the Big West. But Saturday’s game at UC-Davis is a much bigger game. If you look at what has taken place in league play this season, Beach has consistency performed poorly in look ahead scenarios.

As for Cal Poly, they obviously aren’t much good. But they’ve actually played a little better the last few weeks. There’s also a big revenge motive here. The Mustangs blew a huge lead in the earlier hookup and lost in overtime. I don’t know if an outright win is in the cards here, but I don’t have a problem taking this many with Cal Poly.