Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 2/25/16

  • February 25, 2016

Colorado scored an exciting win at home over Arizona on Wednesday night. The victory led to another court-storming celebration, something that has become commonplace in the PAC-12 whenever a school scores the “upset” against the Wildcats.

It’s not really a big deal for me. Of course, I’m not the coach of a team that has to make its way to its locker room following a tough loss that results in one of these somewhat spontaneous parties. So I can see where Sean Miller is coming from when he takes the PAC-12 to task for not outlawing the court-storming.

Nevertheless, come on. It’s a bunch of college kids excited about seeing their team win a big game, and I guess this just adds to the fun.

The SEC already has a rule prohibiting these celebrations. To my knowledge, they’re the only league with such a rule. But I suspect that won’t be the case for much longer as there’s a fear, expressed by Miller, that someone could get hurt and then the whole deal turns into Lawsuit City.

So I suppose the end is in sight for the court-storming. Once “liability” enters the conversation, the sad but true conclusion is that steps have to be taken to make sure no ends up hiring a lawyer.

This is coming from someone who has never had even the slightest desire at any point of my entire life to participate in one of these celebrations. It’s just not my style. But I’m just not bothered in the least by these events. If they start destroying property, different story entirely. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Fact is, those problems usually happen with “fans” who weren’t at the game and just decide to use a win as an excuse to become vandals on the city streets.

If the down the road finish line to court-storming getting prohibited is inevitable, which it probably is, my best advice to the kids is to enjoy it while you’re still able to. The opportunity might not exist much longer.

Okay Wednesday evening, with 2-1 on the full plays and a split on the smaller plays. I’m already on a pair of road dogs playing on Thursday evening, and will likely add a play or two during the day at some point.

By the way, you might have noticed a couple changes on this site, with more to come. First off, scores and odds are now available by clicking on the tab labeled as such. Also, I’ll be adding some ‘cappers to the site whose packages (no daily plays) will be available for anyone interested. Meanwhile, for details on my service, feel free to email me anytime at

No chance with Southern Illinois as the Wednesday free play. Illinois State blitzed the Salukis early and won in a romp. The Redbirds probably deserved this win just for having the stones to wear what might have been the silliest looking uniforms I’ve ever seen. Punch up a highlight of the game to see what I’m talking about. Tonight’s play is an NHL call.

Take: 53 WILD

No line for this game as I’m writing this, but it’s not very difficult to make NHL numbers. This one should have Minnesota as a small road favorite, I’d say likely in the -115 to -120 range, and I’ll be on the Wild.

If you’ve been watching the Wild, this is a completely different team now than they were prior to the firing of Mike Yeo as head coach. Minnesota has become much more aggressive offensively since the change behind the bench took place, and the early returns are very encouraging.

John Torchetti is now in charge, and while he’s officially just the interim head coach, he’s making a great case to have that interim tag removed.

Make no mistake, surges when there’s a coaching change are not at all unusual. So the fact that the Wild won four straight under Torchetti before getting knocked off by the Islanders on Tuesday night is not the shock of the ages. Teams will frequently go on short burst runs like this one, only to quickly enough regress to their previous form.

I suspect that might not be what takes place with the Wild. This team has talent and they underperformed with Yeo as head coach. I’m not suggesting that Minnesota is suddenly a viable contender to hoist the Stanley Cup. But they ought to be a pretty fair team, and I’m of the opinion there’s still some winning tickets that will get cashed by looking to play on this squad.

The loss to the Islanders wasn’t as lopsided as the 4-1 final might suggest. Minnesota still had a territorial edge in the game and while the result might not have been to my liking as I was again on the Wild in that game, I wasn’t discouraged by the loss.

Minnesota will be down a couple of good players tonight due to injury, but the Flyers will also be missing a key contributor with Claude Giroux unlikely to play. I’ve played the Wild in each of their last four games and I like the idea of staying on this club until I’m convinced their run is over. Minnesota has to travel to Washington for the back end of two games in two nights on Friday. So it’s really vital that they get the deuce in the more winnable game, which is this evening against the Flyers.

Philadelphia’s own good run appears to have concluded, as the Flyers have now won just three of their last ten. The higher-ups have also made it clear they will not be adding at the NHL trade deadline, which to me is kind of a white flag as far as getting to the playoffs is concerned.

The Wild are in considerably better position in the West. They’re just four points back of Colorado for the last spot and Minnesota also has three games in hand. I see this as a big game for a team that’s on a bit of a roll and I’ll be backing the Wild tonight.

Update: Wild -105