Cokin’s Corner, Thursday 5/24/18

  • May 23, 2018

It’s one of the great things about sports. One never knows when a player will go from goat to hero, or vice versa. A great example took place on Wednesday night as the Angels rallied for a 5-4 win over the Blue Jays.

Kole Calhoun is having a very tough season for the Halos. He’s literally hitting well less than his weight and is one of the most automatic outs in the majors this season. Wednesday night’s game was shaping up as one of his worst all year. Calhoun was having a very bad night. 0/5 at the plate. A huge baserunning gaffe in the sixth inning, when on a play right in front of him, he decided to try to go first to third and got thrown out. Making that mistake even worse was the fact he was tagged out before Martin Maldonado crossed home plate safely with what would have been an important run. Bottom of the ninth, runner on first for Toronto to start the inning, Calhoun took a bad gamble on a sinking fly ball. That played a single into a double and really put the Angels 5-3 lead in jeopardy.

But moments later, with the score now 5-4, Calhoun caught a fly ball and proceeded to gun down Curtis Granderson at the plate to preserve the lead. I won’t even mildly discount the outstanding catch and tag administered by Martin Maldonado as the throw was little up the third base line. But it was still a terrific throw by Calhoun and one out later the Halos were celebrating a big comeback win.

That’s an element that I love about sports. Kole Calhoun might well have been the worst player on the field in this game for nearly the full nine innings. But he had one redeeming moment and got to celebrate as one of the heroes in the process. Can’t beat that!

The Angels comeback was great for me as it helped me garner a break-even 1-1 for the day, I was on the wrong side of the Braves-Phillies game. No change in the season to date bottom line, which remains in excess of 26 net units of black ink. Part of the success story has been avoiding bad days, and I sure hope that continues. Two plays on my Thursday card as of now. For info on getting all my plays including analysis, email me at or choose one of the available options to the right of the page at Cokin’s Picks.

Winner with the Capitals as the Wednesday free play, and the Stanley Cup Finals are now set. That leads to today’s free play, although we’ll have to wait a while to see how this one turns out.


Take: GOLDEN KNIGHTS -160 (series)

Any real analysis on my part here would be mostly nonsense. That’s because the logic in me says this number is too high and that the value is on the Capitals at this price.

I’m absolutely a value player, but this will be an exception to that rule. There’s no way I’m going to try and get in the way of this Vegas Golden Knights locomotive. From the very first game they ever played, an OT win in a matchup in which they got completely outplayed, the Golden Knights have proven to be perhaps the most opportunistic team I’ve ever seen. Make a mistake against them, they jam it down the opponent’s throat seemingly every time.

VGK has the home ice edge, they’re going to enjoy a bit of extra rest and even as favorites to win the Cup, I don’t think this team will lose any of its collective chip on its shoulder mentality that has served them so well all season. The Knights won’t be able to play the no respect card with the odds being what they are. But I’m sure there will be an ample amount of bulletin board material provided by analysis who will continue to insist this is all a fluke.

I’m buying the Golden Knights to prevail in what should be a terrific series, and one that will very possibly provide the NHL with its best ratings ever. Go Knights!